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Wang Yongshou in gaggi planting cooperatives vegetable planting demonstration base. (Maguan County Radio and television Luo Xiaoxue photo)

Recently, due to a seemingly inconsistent with the actual age of white hair photos, Yunnan province Dayao County Chuxiong Bay Bi Xiang 38 year old party secretary Li Zhongkai unexpected popular". The "popular", also let Li Zhongkai like fighting a focus of social concern in the grassroots cadres in the forefront of poverty alleviation.

There are also many in Yunling earth, "Li Zhongkai" at the grass-roots cadres fighting poverty. We use a day, approached one of the poverty alleviation poverty alleviation cadres, listen to his story.

The night before work till 11:30 in the evening

The evening of November 21st at 11:30, Wang Yongshou finally saw the team briefing, after a simple wash back to the rest room. Turn off the lights when he had looked at the time: 23:43.

Wang Yongshou ready to rest. (Maguan County Radio and television Luo Xiaoxue photo)

Wang Yongshou is the chief of Yunnan Province, Wenshan City Office of personnel and education department in February this year, the organization He Ji Cun Ren He Zhen Da GA, Maguan County of Wenshan village first secretary, Ambassador of the poverty alleviation work team. For at least two years.

Yoshimura Da GA under the jurisdiction area of 2.56 square kilometers, there are 525 households and 2346 people. The living in the Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Gelao and other 5 ethnic villages, there are 1255 people in 294 households filing riser. By the end of 2017, the village of 43 households out of 201 people out of poverty, the remaining 251 households of 1054 people, this year out of poverty.

In order to ensure a smooth out of poverty, the village poverty alleviation work strengthening counties, sent 6 people in the village to work with village staff 8 people, large GA Ji village a total of 14 combatants of poverty alleviation. Wang Yongshou is one of them.

Work at the grassroots level, if you are not familiar with the situation, the work can not be carried out. The first day in the village, Wang Yongshou and other members of the group, area farmers door-to-door thoroughly investigation.

The process of diagnostic investigation, the process is the establishment of feelings and farmers. Diagnostic investigation, Wang Yongshou and the players ask how, slowly and farmers, village cadres to mingle.

At the end of 2018, November 21st, the State Office of inspector to guide the village village poverty alleviation day sprint action. At 7:30 in the afternoon, Wang Yongshou called a meeting around the village cadres, out of poverty indicators, a decomposition.

The meeting a little boring, when it comes to their respective areas of responsibility, the participants have doubts and opinions emerge in its totality exists, and then communicate with each other, to find a solution to the problem. Wang Yongshou said that such a meeting, they have opened a week.

10 PM 50, lasted for 3 hours of the meeting came to an end, Wang Yongshou returned to the office, began to look at the work team briefing. This is his time every day to do, the purpose is very simple, with the progress of the poverty alleviation work master.

Wenshan City Office of inspector Yoshimura to guide the village GA poverty alleviation day sprint action. (Maguan County Radio and television Luo Xiaoxue photo)

The morning was ready to take care of the other party

22, 6 in the morning, before dawn through, Wang Yongshou turn up. This morning at 10:20, he will speak a dangke, the theme of "self-improvement, honesty, gratitude, three village committee, the poverty alleviation work team to participate, Wang Yongshou need to prepare in advance.

7 after breakfast, another people to the village, or advice, or service. Not ready to party, Wang Yongshou.

The first half of the year, Wang Yongshou generally understand the aspirations of the masses. "The current first-line grassroots cadres a troubled job is to focus on rural reconstruction, but the grassroots have some strange phenomenon, some poor households do not want to get rid of poverty, poor households think the house repaired, hat off, you can not enjoy preferential policies, so rather than stay home for new premises." He said.

Wang Yongshou specifically cited an example, "in large area gaggi reconstruction work, to promote a family does not go, the reason is very simple, the dragon head, this is the year of the dog, he thought the Dragon dog, this is not a good year for earth. No way, I can only try to learn the almanac, do the work of the final reconstruction, was able to go ahead." Wang Yongshou said with a smile.

This morning to 9 points, in the lectures of personnel have arrived. While the gap dangke hasn't started, they put on vanguard party clothes, take the lead in clean broom, village health.

The village cadres expressed gratitude to Wang Yongshou et al. Lead the cleaning action, "before the poverty alleviation work team did not come to the village a lot of people, cattle and chickens, the road is dirty, sewers, after a period of renovation and clean the village Party members, the taste is not the same."

At 10:20 the party started. Wang Yongshou speaks carefully, during the estrous, seamlessly convey the relevant spirit of poverty alleviation work.

12 noon, applause, lectures end.

When cleaning, along the way farmers will join. Along the way to find problems, on-site consultation and the masses. (Maguan County Radio and television Luo Xiaoxue photo)

At work you want to get a little more

Hurry to eat lunch, Wang Yongshou and residency work team went to the Xiaoshuijing village group relocation points posted poster.

Xiaoshuijing village, a total of 26 households in the village of 123 people, transportation, drinking water and other infrastructure lag, to let the villagers out of poverty, Maguan County decided to the village to be relocated to the convenience of traffic village resident GA Ji Cun field. Here the water, electricity and road full, and also separated, people live comfortable.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, Wang Yongshou and the players drove rushed to the big gaggi planting cooperatives vegetable planting demonstration base. The base consists of about 100 mu of land transfer cooperatives, is taking the "company + cooperative" mode of development, mainly commercial vegetable planting demonstration, to solve the employment problem of poor people without conditions of migrant workers, in order to increase the income of migrant workers poverty.

"Base day to try irrigation system, storage house is being built, come check." Wang Yongshou said.

From the base, Wang Yongshou also came to the village of GA Ji border building "four in one" project construction site, here is the construction of the village committee, village activities Plaza, village farmers market and legal system in ancient village of sugar factory.

Watching the lively scene, Wang Yongshou feel better. After everyone together, according to the national poverty out of poverty rate below 3% of the requirements, objectives and tasks of large GA Ji village in 2018 out of poverty has been completed ahead of schedule.

The day ended, sat down to rest, Wang Yongshou inadvertently think of the family, began to blame yourself up.

Home to a total of five people working in the hospital, his wife, two sons, the fourteen year old, small only eight month old, old father with. Although not far, but Wang Yongshou is the last to go home two weeks ago. "Last month for his birthday, also can make a phone call to write a letter to him." Wang Yongshou bit melancholy.

But Schmidt, "you can participate in the poverty line, and witness the poverty alleviation campaign, are busy tired!" This sentence, like an expression of meet, such as the battle.

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(Yang Liangwang, former commissioning editor: Xu)

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